Status Update

I’m not going to lie; life with four small kids can be hard. When people find out how many children I have and their ages the first question is always, “Do you have any help?” Because I get this question so often, almost daily in fact, I have begun to [...]

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No Pets Allowed!

I remember back when a friend of mine gave her cat away shortly after her second child was born.  At the time, I remember thinking, “How could she do that? Just give her cat away?”  She said that it was because with two children she could no longer give the [...]

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Thank You Drive-Thru

I grew up in southern California. Down there, so it seems, there isn’t a spot of land that isn’t built on or around. Strip malls run supreme and drive-thrus aren’t hard to come by. Deciding which one to go to, however, is a little more difficult. Shortly after college, I [...]

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Little Women

Holy, moly! I cannot believe I am a mother of four little girls. When I look around our home I see a lot of tutus, sparkles, ribbon, barrettes, plastic shoes that when worn make a clackety-clack sound on the wooden floors, and lots of pink. My girls are all unique [...]

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Daddy Duty

The other day my husband came home in a terrible mood. He was short tempered with me and it seemed like the kids had him going crazy. At one point, when I asked him to put a diaper in the trash, he chucked it across the room in the direction [...]

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Simply Newborn

I had a friend call me the other day and leave me a very serious message. Harper was born just a week ago this past Wednesday so she was calling to check in on me. This particular friend I hadn’t heard from in quite awhile, so while it was nice [...]

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Real Push Gift

From my limited research, it isn’t 100 percent clear when or how the idea of a “push gift” came into being. Wikipedia sites the “push gift”, which is a gift, most notably jewelry, commemorating the birth of a child and honoring the mother’s nine months of hard work and ultimate [...]

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Tick Tock

I don’t know if it is the anxiety of labor and delivery or just the excitement to meet her, but I am feeling a little let down that I am still pregnant today. I went in to see my OB yesterday and he stripped my membranes (Google it if you [...]

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35 and Tacky

I have had many a sleepless night this past week. I have had a lot on my mind and I am a thinker. When my brain gets going I often have a hard time shutting it down. I plot, plan, and organize. It is dangerous for me to get over-stimulated [...]

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Place Your Bets

I am three weeks until my due date and Friday I went into see my doctor for my now weekly OB check-up. He asked me when this baby was coming. I laughed and said, “I don’t know Doc. You tell me”. In the past week, I’ve progressed from 0 to [...]

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