Okay, I’m not sure what we were thinking but it’s a little late now… I’m pregnant with my third child. I am a mother of two girls, Olivia, almost 3, and Georgia, 14 months. So, I feel a little crazy admitting that I’m on my third when my girls are only 20 months apart as it is, but oh well, it’s what we wanted. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself, as I battle constant nausea. Who ever coined the term morning sickness, by the way, was probably a man (no offense men), who hadn’t ever experienced the all-day sickness that many moms, including myself, experience with pregnancy. Anyway, I’m collecting remedies currently, so if you have any tricks up your sleeves let me in on them please. I’ve currently got: sea bands, ginger beer, peppermint tea, B12 and half a Unisom, Preggie Pops, and the classic saltines. I’ll be honest, I think I’m masochistically into the complaining and doing nothing option. Although, ice chips have been helping at night.

I must say that I count my lucky stars at night. Before Olivia was conceived, my husband, Brent, and I tried for years to conceive a child with no luck. After many tests and two different fertility doctors we eventually gave up due to the stress of the process. I was crazy. I wanted a baby more than anything and I was so consumed that it was affecting my mental health and to be honest, hurting our relationship. He took a stand and postponed the path we were pursuing at the time. I hadn’t had much success with two rounds of Clomid. Plus, we were in between insurance companies and waiting for his insurance to kick in. I wanted to kill him. What about my timeline? What about my clock? I wanted a baby so badly.

As I dealt with my devastation, I realized that I needed something to take the pain away. I talked Brent into buying Maggie, a mini-long-haired dachshund. We bought Maggie in November, and by December I was pregnant. We hear this all the time, stories about couples who for years try to get pregnant, then adopt, only to get pregnant on their own after adopting. I share my story in part to give anyone out there struggling some hope, and selfishly to help me remember where I come from. Especially when sickness takes me out of my reality and into self-pity. I am grateful and feel blessed to have such beautiful babies and a little dog, who is definitely playing second fiddle right about now.

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