Return of the Mommyblog

It’s been a long while since I blogged. My mind swirls with topics and ideas constantly but I’ve lacked the time to sit down and type it all out. Let’s just say it…I’m busy. I don’t do sitting still well. I don’t do slow. I don’t do easy. I don’t [...]

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The Darkside of Motherhood

I know I’m not the only one seriously bummed about the death of Robin Williams. I see his face all over the Internet right now and I feel such sadness. I grew up watching his movies and to this day my sister and I quote him each and every time [...]

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“Are We There Yet?”

When my husband and I started talking about taking our kids down to Laguna Beach to visit his brother, I envisioned us happily embarking on a somewhat easy one-plus-hour flight into John Wayne Airport. Little did I know that my husband would drop the infamous words on me moments later: [...]

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Combat Nurse

I learned something about myself this past weekend. I learned that I am good in an emergency situation. It isn't something that I wanted to know, for knowing such a thing would require one to go through and actual emergency. But I guess it was bound to happen with four [...]

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The Great Holdout

Our family started 2014 with an adventure: A trip to LA for Brent’s cousin’s son’s bar mitzvah. Oh, how I really wish I could have just typed “a trip to Hawaii just for fun.” But no, Los Angeles is where we headed last weekend. Our destination: a lovely, primarily Jewish, [...]

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Missing Christmas

Lately, I have felt like you can take the girl out of Christmas but you can’t take Christmas out of the girl. As a woman who was raised by folks who celebrated Christmas it feels weird for me to not celebrate Christmas now. It’s a battle I fight every year [...]

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It’s been a crazy few months at Casa de Blaustein. I feel like I barely get a moment to breathe let alone sit down and write a blog. How do I sum it all up to bring you all up to speed? Well, here I go… We have been to [...]

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Petalumans….Mount Up!

One of the things I love about Petaluma, is the way this community rallies to support each other especially during difficult times. I've seen that happen on more than one occasion and it always makes me feel so grateful to live here. Tuesday night tragedy hit way too close to [...]

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For the most part, I was a conformist as a kid. I never wanted to rock the boat and I always wanted to do the right thing and please others. There was that brief moment of stealing I went through in the first grade (sorry Laura McDonald), but after that, [...]

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A New Dawn

Yesterday, I was angry and I wrote a blog about our former au pair that I regret. I regret it because in hindsight it was thoughtless and potentially very hurtful to a young woman who really did try. As I start this new day, I just wanted to clear the [...]

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