My daughters just started playing soccer. Yes! I am now officially a soccer mom. As we went to the latest and greatest new sporting store in town, to buy them their soccer cleats, shin guards, and balls, my heart was singing. I started playing soccer at age five and played [...]

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Straight To The Principal’s Office

Our au pair, Lola, has been with our family since the beginning of June. She is lovely and has been working so hard for our family since day one. I have been thinking about her sitting in her training class the week before she got to us in Petaluma, telling [...]

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Field Report From Crazytown

Very rarely comes a time when I do not feel gratitude for my life and the little people in it. But this weekend marked one of those times when I was seriously looking into finding a boarding school that takes young children. It seemed like the roof came off the [...]

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You will not believe what just happened to me!! I took a nap! I know, right? I told you! Freaking unbelievable! This would not have been possible if not for the capable care of our children in the hands of our new Au Pair, Lola. I have been off the [...]

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90 Days of May

On Wednesday, the cashier lady in Michael’s told me that the anxiety level of parents coming into her store were at or above those at Christmastime. She told me this as I stood there with my pile of glitter glue, fabric paint, and a slew of other seemingly random items. [...]

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Little Bodies

Last week I went shopping with my kids for new spring clothes. It was quite the Target spectacle. I hate their policy on limiting dressing room items to six, so I chose to find a nice quiet corner of the girls clothing department to change Olivia and Georgia. We had [...]

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Lessons From Suburban Jungle Gyms

I spend a lot of time at parks. In fact a lot of life’s lessons have happened to me while at a park. I think I have been to every park in Petaluma at least two dozen times. I know which ones have shade and which ones don’t. I know [...]

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Help Desk

Years ago, when I worked in Marin at non-profit scholarship organization, there was a young college grad who got a job as an associate in my department. He was full of great ideas and I felt threatened by him. I think I was worried that he was going to take [...]

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Escape to Puerto Rico

I just got back from a trip to Puerto Rico with my husband without the kids.  First of all, I am amazed that we even pulled it off. As I sat heavily sun-screened under a thatched umbrella, attempting to ward off the hot equator sun, I reflected on what it [...]

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Rookie Moves

This past week I have been thinking about what it means to be new at something and how hard that can be for people; how hard that is for me. As a new Realtor in what seems like a sea of Real Estate agents, I have been humbled by a [...]

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