Very rarely comes a time when I do not feel gratitude for my life and the little people in it. But this weekend marked one of those times when I was seriously looking into finding a boarding school that takes young children. It seemed like the roof came off the house. There was screaming, there was crying, and then there were the kids.

Sunday I found welcome relief in an opportunity to hold a house open and get out for a few hours of work. It was pretty darn convenient that the house was directly across the street from my own. Not only do I really know the area, but also it was deeply satisfying answering the question, “How are the neighbors?” with a solid “Awesome!” And only twice did I have to call Brent to come grab one of my kids who had wandered over yelling “Mama!” Nothing screams successful real estate agent like a baby on your hip.

It is taking a lot for us to get a groove going as we adjust to life with another adult in the house. Our au pair is fabulous but we are still working out the kinks. As a mother, I often feel like I am waiting for things to get easier. Truth is that although something might get easier in one area there are usually other areas that meet me with challenges.

As many of you know, our children attend a year round school in town and we just ended our six-week stretch of summer. Georgia started Kindergarten and Olivia went into the second grade. I was thrilled for both of them to start up again (think Staples commercial with parents dancing in the isles).

When Tuesday rolled around the school posted the class lists outside the office. We drove straight over from swim lessons only to find out that Georgia did not get the teacher her older sister had in K/1. We knew this was a strong possibility but this news was still a bummer. Georgia put on a brave face for everyone as we stood in front of the class assignments but when we got into the car her face crumbled. Not only did she not get the teacher she had thought she was going to get, but also none of her closest friends were in her class.

As she sobbed in my arms I wanted to cry for her too. I was upset that things didn’t go my way. I wished that the outcome had been different for her but I also kept a brave face because I knew that she would eventually love the teacher who’s class she got assigned to. And I believe that everything happens for a reason. It was just interesting for me to witness my own insecurities around her teacher assignment. I am so sensitive it begged the question, “Who’s going into kindergarten, her or me?”

Sure enough when I had to take Georgia out of school early on Friday, she threw a temper tantrum all the way to the doctor’s office because she was so upset to be missing instruction on the number 2 (that and the fact that she was extremely hungry).

By the time we got to the weekend my entire family was feeling fried. Our au pair had the weekend off which was great for her except that she was rudely awakened each and every day. Sometimes I wonder if she thinks about finding another family.

Discipline issues were afoot all weekend and we ended up canceling television, iPad use, and a birthday party. These times can be hard but I continue to remain optimistic that as I get more consistent with consequences, things will be better. Goodness knows yelling like a banshee doesn’t work. All that does is make me look foolish and the emphasis gets put on crazy mommy and not on the need for the children to improve their behavior.

Today is a new day, it’s Monday and I’m excited for the week ahead. There is never a dull moment in the Blaustein house that’s for sure. It is going to be interesting to say the least. I know this because I must somehow get my kids to and from school with the van door stuck in the open position. I am going to do my best to get it fixed straight away but if you see me driving with an open van door, do not be alarmed, I am well aware of the situation. Thanks in advance for your honking, gesticulating movements that would prompt me to want to close the door, etc. Despite popular belief, I promise I am not the crazy lady you think I am. Good times. Great times.




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