I Hate You Pinterest!

Are you old enough to remember birthday parties in the good old days? The days of birthday parties BP (Before Pinterest). I remember them: Moms and dads would order a pizza and blow up a couple of balloons, which is all they could manage before they would get so light-headed [...]

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The B*@ch Is Back!

She’s baaack! The truth is she’s been back for a little while now. That pesky, negative, horrible voice of self-criticism and doubt that likes to appear out of nowhere.  In an attempt to swallow me down her negative pit of despair, she blasts me with comments about my career, my [...]

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2013 Baby

Harper is 11 months old. With each day she is walking with more confidence. She struts around the house, in a bow-legged wobble, arms out to the side for balance, and goes from room to room. If she doesn’t see me, she utters “Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma” as she toddles around looking for [...]

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Santa, Why Can’t I Quit You?

I didn’t think that I would see him again. It had been such a long time since we ran into each other. I heard that he was back in town from some friends. I knew where he was going to be and thankfully I would have to go out of [...]

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Cold Turkey

Ah, Thanksgiving. It’s the time of year when you just can’t wait to be with family and eat lots of turkey. Yeah. That. A week later and my fridge is still full of turkey leftovers. I like to make a turkey every year because I’m particularly attached to having turkey [...]

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The life of a stay-at-home-mom doesn’t get much better than when your kids think you can fix anything. Their naivety is pretty adorable when they think just because I fixed their broken necklace days ago; I can fix the plastic toy that broke into smithereens.  It’s like they think I’m [...]

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Getting Political

A few weeks ago, I re-posted one of those hilarious e-cards onto my Facebook wall. It read “All of my friends are posting intense political rants on Facebook, and I’m just over here like, “Hey, I made pancakes!” While this ecard implies total apathy regarding politics, it resonated what goes [...]

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From Disney With Love

I’ll admit it; I’m a wannabe. I want to be one of those parents who travels with their kids everywhere. I want to be that parent that takes their kids with them to places near and far, across mountains, and oceans. I want to have many stamps in my passport [...]

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Rocky Gets Her Groove On

I rolled up to my daughter’s dance class with a car full of girls. It was our first week of dance class and the first week for Georgia and Olivia to be in Hip-Hop dance class together. There was a lot of dance class excitement and it was our carpool [...]

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Georgia was recently invited to a birthday party for a little boy in her playgroup. He was turning four years old and we got invited to his bug-themed birthday party at Helen Putnam Park. While I was so excited for my kids to get invited to his party I immediately [...]

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