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Veronica has been happily married to Brent for over 7 years. Together they have two girls, Olivia, 4, Georgia, 2, and Raquel (Rocky) 10 months. As a stay-at-home mom, her life revolves around her children, friends, playgroups, and family. Prior to becoming a mom, Veronica worked in Education at a private high school in Santa Rosa, and in Marin helping low-income, and first generation high school students gain access to college.

Seeking Sainthood in 2012

It was December 31, 2011 and to end the year I did something risky. I asked my husband how he thought I could improve in 2012. Being the smart and cautious guy he is, he was hesitant to respond right away. He said he didn’t want to answer because he [...]

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Holiday Card 2011

This year we are not having a traditional Christmas. We haven't gone down to my mother's in southern California, we don’t have a tree, we don't have lights on the house, and we aren't opening presents in the morning. However, I have really enjoyed saying “Merry Christmas” to people over [...]

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My Night With Santa

I feel like one of my daughters when I say, “Tonight was the best night ever!” But it pretty much was. I have spent the last few hours laughing, talking with some great people at a couple different holiday parties, and spending some quality one-on-one time with Santa. The fun [...]

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Holiday Crazy

What others have pointed out to me over the past few weeks as I have struggled with questions on how to bring up my Jewish children during Christmastime is how important it is to create customs and traditions that are our own. We may celebrate Hanukkah but we also celebrate [...]

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Shelving Elves

It’s December and it is taking me awhile to warm up to the idea of the holidays. I really want to find the joy in this season but this year I am having a hard time. There are things I am looking forward to like a scattering of holiday parties [...]

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The Dilemma

It is Thanksgiving week and all I can think about is Christmas. It is really hard not to when for weeks now the stores have been aglow with holiday lights, red and green wrapping, and all the bells and whistles that come with the predominant December holiday. My inbox is [...]

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The Return of Monster Mommy

My dad called me the other day and said, “I heard you did something stupid?” I thought for a minute as to which “stupid thing” he could be referring to, but my mind just couldn’t settle down on one. “What was that Dad?” I asked. He responded by telling me [...]

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Thank You October

I try not to take anything for granted. Admittedly I often do, but when it comes to accomplishing even the smallest of tasks together with my children, I feel like a million bucks. Sometimes in the moment, when I am out in public with all three trying to tackle a [...]

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Scary Pregnant

I am getting scary pregnant. What exactly does “scary pregnant” mean you might ask? Well, to me, it means a few things… For one, it means that my belly is getting bigger. I have now reached the point that there is no hiding my pregnancy. Not that I was trying [...]

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Hands, Mouths, and Feet

I am behind in my blog this week. In fact, I am starting a new week without having blogged last week. Let me explain…my husband left town last week for a business trip and I became a single mom from Wednesday through Saturday. Had it not been for my awesome [...]

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